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01. Practice now

 There are many ways to look at these concepts. What do you make of this for yourself?

  • Presence “what time is it on the planet” alongside hope, potential and agency – a mini practice.
  • Who are you talking to today? A we-space mini practice for you to help, if appropriate.
Dive Deeper

02. Join the course

Living in a New Republic of the Heart: A Radical Experiment in Being the Change with Terry Patten.

  • Join an international community declaring and living in a New Republic of the Heart.
  • Help one another integrate the inner work, the outer work, and the interpersonal work.
  • Participate in a pioneering pilot project.
Show Up

03. Be a Volunteer

Our intention is to become a team of volunteers who will give and receive profound value and have an enjoyable and rewarding experiences. Can you help bring into being the projects described here, in order to bring about new republics of the heart.

Speak Up

04. Open discussion

What stands out for you? How do you see A New Republic of the Heart engaging in your circles of influence? With family, friends, peers, collaborators, your work, yourself?

Please share whatever is appropriate!