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Fund activities of a New Republic of the Heart

A New Republic of the Heart is supported by individuals contributing to the essential running costs e.g. website hosting and minimal payments for people’s time – this is largely a volunteer effort.

We deeply appreciate your support. Recurring donations are especially appreciated as they allow us to plan and budget more efficiently.

We invite you to help us develop and maintain a communications platform for sharing and implementing the practices, conversations, and resources in the book, A New Republic of the Heart: An Ethos for Revolutionaries.

This platform will include a podcast;  Terry’s international teaching and speaking outreach efforts; the beginnings of an international community of practice that integrates the inner work and the outer work, and A New Republic of the Heart Resources — a dynamic virtual resources exchange where people can learn about, or spread the word about, the individuals, communities, and organizations enacting the crucial, transformative work outlined in the book.

In addition to supporting our critical and timely mission, your recurring tax-deductible donation comes with these benefits:

  • Access to a private monthly video or audio session Terry will begin holding with members of the New Republic of the Heart community
  • Bonus excerpts and “green room” conversations from the New Republic of the Heart Podcast
  • Ongoing free access to the Beyond Awakening archive (over 100 deep conversations Terry held with leading thinkers and teachers from 2010-2017)
  • Discounts on Terry’s courses & other offerings
  • Priority access to tickets for workshops and other events expected to sell out

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