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In these pages you’ll find stories about multiple organisations and individuals. This is so much bigger us…

Formal resources

There are many many organisations involved. We’re trying to list at least a few!

    Recent posts

    Partisan political activism (USA)

    From the very rich and broad world of progressive activism, addressing issues of economic, political, gender, and racial justice, I list only a few very general progressive initiatives here. Meanwhile many good people are working around the system through conservative...

    Integral evolutionary resources

    The community of integral evolutionary thought and practice has been the primary context for my teaching work since 2004. Hundreds of books, conferences, seminars, meet-up groups, salons, articles, and blogs contribute to the integral evolutionary conversation. Here I...

    Heart intelligence

    Humans are a lot more than our brains. Here are just a few of the organisations that are researching and helping people to enable fuller capabilities. The HeartMath Institute has pioneered research validating and legitimizing the intelligence of the heart, which is so...

    Exploring our stories

    Lets gather and share the great, simple, emotionally powerful stories that describe our human journey and call higher human potentials from us. For example, The Great Transitions project was conceived and directed by Duane Elgin ( in partnership with...

    Explicitly spiritual activism

    Many books and organizations are working to catalyze spiritually-inspired social change. Each works in its own unique way, but many initiatives have important commonalities with the unique synthesis you see in this book. Here are a few: The Work That Reconnects...

    We're all learning

    There are many, many people and groups reaching out to multiple communities and individuals, globally. Read the stories, watch and listen to New Hearts developing and being developed.

    HELP when you can

    The stories in this section usually have ways you can assist – specific things that will help the people and groups featured.

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    We would love to hear from you! If you’re engaged in creating, reforming and catalysing change, change with heart and soul and care, for yourself and others, please shout about it too!