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In these pages you’ll find stories about multiple organisations and individuals. This is so much bigger us…

Formal resources

There are many many organisations involved. We’re trying to list at least a few!

    Recent posts

    Reinventing value chains in Peru and Bolivia

    From Integral Without Borders by Gail Hochachka: Sustainability will not be achieved if it remains at a small scale. Although very localized efforts count--they shine a light towards what is possible--they do need to scale up to a broader impact if they are to indeed...

    Holistic health system change

    From Greenmode by Simon Divecha: Over the past 5 years I’ve been involved with a delightful group diving into traditionally stuck health system problems. This work is creating holistic positive change assisting individual developmental grown and answering...

    The Slocan integral forestry cooperative

    From A New Republic of the Heart by Terry Patten: My friend Stephan Martineau moved in 1992 to the Slocan Valley, a beautiful Canadian mountain valley with a diverse community of about six thousand people. The social landscape included First Nations voices; a...

    About these resources

    A new republic of the heart is coming into being spontaneously, naturally, sprouting through the “cracks in everything” - cracks through which light gets in to a fragmenting - and paradoxically globalising at the same time - world. Here we list just a few of the...

    Transpartisan initiatives

    While some attempts at transpartisanship in the USA (such as No Labels) are well known, a wide variety of transpartisan initiatives are advancing on many different fronts. Living Room Conversations ( founded by a lifelong Democrat and a...

    We're all learning

    There are many, many people and groups reaching out to multiple communities and individuals, globally. Read the stories, watch and listen to New Hearts developing and being developed.

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    The stories in this section usually have ways you can assist – specific things that will help the people and groups featured.

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