A New Republic of the Heart

It's time.

We are coming together to address our urgent global challenges by doing the inner work of personal transformation AND the outer work of civic engagement.

We are helping to co-create a new republic of the heart locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.


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Getting Active

what time is it on the planet?


An international evolutionary movement is rising. To successfully meet the test of our global crisis, it will have to integrate a revolutionary new stage of inner work, interpersonal practice and innovative outer work. We are here to enact and support this.


We are supporting & serving aligned initiatives and communities of practice by:

  • Deepening our practice, together
  • Collaborating and networking
  • Publishing our experimental findings
    through stories, gatherings, a podcast and courses


Course concluding

A new year long course is starting in 2019.

Who's active?

See resouces section for the many groups creating action.

Too much to read!

Listen to Terry Patten describe the New Republic of the Heart.


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What we do

Our Work

Serving Communities of Practice

“The next Buddha may be a Sangha (community of practice)” Thich Nhat Hanh.
This makes our work about the power of the human soul…

Markets cannot accomplish all that is necessary now. We need to unleash the power of the human soul, on a massive scale.

How can such a new pattern begin?
With experiments in next-stage organizations, teams, tribes, and sanghas. Which are already emerging and proliferating.

We are here to help.

Deepen Our Practice

“We can’t solve our problems with the consciousness that created them”
We need to reach across paradigms…

At our current evolutionary tipping-point, the old paradigms and systems are obsolete.
New emergent possibilities for awakening, psychological health and happiness, friendship, community, and collective wisdom and efficacy are possible.
We are here to advance the art together.

Help Others

A New Republic of the Heart is created by and for people waking up to what time it is on the planet. We want to …

We are partnering and crating with others as we all evolve into next-stage ways of being human.
We hope to ripple awakening awareness through the body politic.
We seek to do this by creating supportive programs and offering coaching and consulting services to other change-agents that enable people to move through denial, anger, grief and despair to a new level of joy, gratitude, inspired practice and citizenship

Collaborate & Network

Our aim is to evolve a next-level of practice and impact on all levels — in self, relationships, community, culture, and society. …

We seek to bolster health and wholeness on all levels, in all domains of human life.
Our focus is on those recognizing the current human crisis of fragmentation. When we have begun to feel the pain of separation and yearn for wholeness, it has already come into being.
We hope to knit a new social praxis around the prior unity of life.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

To help awaken people to what time it is on the planet and what we can do about it — in a way that helps people and communities move through and beyond denial, anger, grief and despair into a new level of clarity, joy, fellowship, responsibility, practices, behaviors and social change initiatives.

Get Involved

There are many ways to co-create New Republics of the Heart.  You can cross-collaborate, you can share your story or submit your story idea, you can donate or volunteer, you can become more active personally assisted from the book, podcast, and with resources to help.

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Resources and notes

The Book

addresses our global meta-crisis in all its aspects—environmental, economic, political, and cultural. Even more remarkably, it frames our global and societal crises and opportunities as challenges to us, now, personally—in terms that penetrate our usual abstractions and avoidance.